Guidebook and DVD — SPECIAL SAVINGS!

 A reviewer comments: “...a must buy program for any school, church, residential treatment program or organization that works with children. The direction is crisp, the script is clear, the acting is wonderful and the kids are adorable. I was moved to tears of compassion on more than one occasion. This film needs to be shown in every school in North America and beyond. It is truly a program that moves kids from being Bucket Dippers to being Bucket Fillers and Hurray for that. I would to love to … Read more...


Really enjoyed your (conference) presentation

I participated in the provider’s conference this weekend and purchased your wonderful book I really enjoyed your presentation a lot. During your talk I emailed my child’s teacher because I was so excited to share what I had learned I am also going to share your book with our new principal as well. I am the autism specialist for our district and I am looking to implement a reverse mainstream program at the beginning of the year. Our District, CRPUSD, is just moving over to an RTI program so it is the perfect opportunity to really start talking about innovative approaches. Thank you for all your hard work. ~Jennifer Sobrero, CCC-SLP, Owner at Creative Pathways to Communication
Really enjoyed your presentation