The Miracle of Focus

Our minds are always busy at work with constant thoughts coming in and out of our consciousness. Most times, we aren’t even aware of how much focus we give to those thoughts and stories. It’s as though we are constantly switching channels throughout the day ~ focusing on a memory and being stuck in those […]

Why I Teach Mindfulness

When a 2nd grade student describes mindfulness as “amazing”, I think administrators, teachers, and parents need to sit up and take notice. See video below: This past school year I had the privilege to go into the classrooms of all the Kinder through 5th grade students where I was also serving a the district’s Speech-Language […]

HELP! My child was bullied! Now what?

Be the Calm in the Wake of bullying – Parents are the anchors! You’ve read about it in the headlines. You’ve heard about it happening on the news, or worse, it’s happening in your child’s school. You may have even experienced it when you were growing up, or at work. You never expected it to […]

Circles of Compassion Raising a Peaceful Generation

Today is the International Day of Peace which is being celebrated around the world. Its message this year is “the right of peoples to peace” and I ponder how can I, as an educator, contribute? I contribute by raising awareness and doing what I can to contribute to world peace beginning with myself and with […]

Setting Intentions

Wow! Summer sure has flown by. I know, it’s still in the 100’s where many of us live so you may be wondering how I can say summer has flown by when it’s still cooking outside? That’s because today is my first day back to school to a new job as a speech-language therapist at an […]

Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching (TLC) Discovering your AWEsomeness = Answers Within Everytime Dee DiGioia offers Transformational Life Coaching with Tender, Loving, Care (TLC) to help bring you from where you are to where you want to be in creating the changes in your life you are seeking and meant to experience. Dee is empowering children through […]

Mindful-Kindfull Youth-Teen Classes

Mindful~Kindfull Youth- Teen Program               No more monkeying around ~we’re starting a mindful evolution! Join us! Share this! Discover how thinking, feeling, and acting with compassion and positivity will ROCK your friendships and your life! Practice living happiness from the INSIDE -OUT! Mindfulness-based meditation and stress-reduction 8 week program  (Thursdays) supports […]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Get Compassion-Fit

Are you wishing your home, classroom, workplace, or neighborhood would feel safer, happier, more peaceful? We may wish there was no bullying or violence. We may wish for people to be a little kinder or a little more compassionate. We may wish for things to change, or for things to get better. But wishing doesn’t change […]


The ABC’s of Compassion-fit Families and Classrooms ABC Children’s Boutique Joins CCKids to get “Compassion-Fit” to help stop bullying May 3, 2014 9:00 am – 11:00 am Special event Meet Author Dee DiGioia, founder of Caring and Courageous Kids Calling all parents and educators who want to do more than hope their children will be […]

Fundraiser Supporting Sacramento Stand for the Silent

Guidebook INCLUDES the DVD “Which Team Will You Choose?” 50% book/dvd sales goes to Sacramento Stand for the Silent $29.99 Guidebook for parents and educators. Movie on dvd for elementary school-aged children (included with book).      Caring and Courageous Kids is proud to support Sacramento Stand for the Silent (find them on Facebook)  in a fundraiser to support their organization […]

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