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 book n dvdA reviewer comments: “…a must buy program for any school, church, residential treatment program or organization that works with children. The direction is crisp, the script is clear, the acting is wonderful and the kids are adorable. I was moved to tears of compassion on more than one occasion. This film needs to be shown in every school in North America and beyond. It is truly a program that moves kids from being Bucket Dippers to being Bucket Fillers and Hurray for that. I would to love to see a couple of sequels for Middle School and High School aged students.” Ray Erickson – Author of Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen, Strategies That Work!

Book: “One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time” includes the DVD “Which Team Will You Choose?”

The dvd movie is geared for elementary school-aged children (but has been used successfully with younger middle school age as well).

On sale now!

Perfect for classroom teachers (k-5), youth group leaders, parents, and anyone who works with children! It makes a great gift!

Original retail $29.99 >   Now only $12.99

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“My own household has been greatly and positively impacted by this work. The lessons taught have deeply touched and improved the relationship between my own two sons who are very close in age.  As an educator myself, I have seen a lot of great tools available for children. This tool however is one that I will use and refer to forever. While the focus is Bullying, the lessons can be applied to every relationship. The impact of this movie on schools and in our homes is tremendous. It all starts with one little spark of caring. I believe “Which Team Will You Choose” is that spark to start our peace revolution.” ~Mellisa Dormoy, ShambalaKids

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  1. Just saw you on Sac & Co, came to your site and love what I see and read, can’t wait ti get the guide and video for the whole family, may even share with church members. I have seen a lot of bullying and the techniques you bring to light are excellent examples for everyone to learn from. Keep up the great work!

    • Dee DiGioia says:

      Thank you so much, Joe- I look forward to helping you out with ideas! I am also available as a speaker if your church is interested! Thanks again!

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