Community Compassion

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actions run as causes (1)(Photo by Dee DiGioia, El Dorado Hills)

Circles of Compassion Co-ops

Circles of Compassion Co-ops are now forming in communities to work or act together for a common purpose or benefit of raising a more compassionate and peaceful generation. Learn and practice how to cultivate more compassion in your home, classrooms, neighborhood, or community and break the patterns of bullying and aggression in relationships. Children soak in and model after the things we say and do so let’s practice modeling behavioral responses worth repeating! With practice, children will learn to access the tools within their hearts and minds to handle any challenges with the same calm and mindfulness that they observed in us. What a beautiful legacy we are leaving for our children. This is how each of us can contribute to a more compassionate, peaceful, and kinder world.

Join our Circles of Compassion program to get Compassion-Fit (#compassionfit)  by contributing to more compassion in every thought, word, and action every day. Become a Compassion-fit family, classroom, neighborhood, or community together – create a co-opetition rather than competition! Are you up for the challenge?

source unknownI was inspired to create our “Circles of Compassion Co-ops” by this story of an African tribe that does the most beautiful thing. When someone does something hurtful and wrong, they take the person to the center of town. The entire tribe comes and surrounds him.  For two days they’ll tell him every good thing he has ever done because they believe that every human being comes into the world as good and desiring the same things each one of us does: safety, love, peace, and happiness. They understand that sometimes in the pursuit of happiness people make mistakes. The mistakes are a cry for help. They recognize this as a temporary disconnection from his true nature, his essence, or goodness within.  So they band together to reconnect him with his true nature and help him affirm: “I am good”. I believe this should be the model  for raising our children – surrounding them daily and helping them to know their goodness and helping their hearts to grow and glow brighter.  The  Circles of Compassion Co-ops can provide this through its committed membership of caring and compassionate parents, neighbors, educators, and friends.

YOUR community group or neighborhood can join our circles too! 

Parents, Educators, and/or Neighborhood groups: let’s create a “Circles of Compassion Co-op” in your area. If you are located in Central Coast, CA (counties of San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara) I can help facilitate the group to get you started. Meet monthly, or bi-monthly, or weekly – whatever fits your needs. We will have a topic of the month and allow time to brainstorm, share, and support one another in your journey as parents, or neighbors,  or educators to raise a mindful, peaceful, and compassionate generation. Meet at various homes, coffee shops, or other suggested venues. With our partnership we can do more than raise awareness – we can raise the bar on compassion in our homes, schools, and communities.

For parents/educators with children in elementary school, you can use the guidebook “One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time” as an outline to get one started now. (Ask about our group discounts for the book.)

Ideas also shared on our Caring and Courageous Kids Facebook page and on my new Facebook group: Mindful Kindful YOUniversity.

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Contact Dee DiGioia to learn more.  

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