The Compassion-Fit Challenge

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How will you leave your heartprints today? 

Join us! We’re getting compassion-fit! Are you wishing your home, classroom, workplace, or neighborhood would feel safer, happier, or more peaceful? Our Compassion-Fit Challenge inspires taking action on your wish or dream! This challenge is appropriate all ages whether you are 5 or 95! We invite you to join the global movement on awakening compassion in every thought, word, and action in our daily lives by following these steps:

(1) On your mark… 

(2) Get set…

(3) Go! Get Compassion-fit!

Create a way to Check-in for a Peak Performance Review, then Raise the Bar! Go for the Gold! Be sure to Share your successes to inspire others to do the same.

For details on each of these steps, keep reading!

NOTE: Rather than being a competition, think of it as a friendly coopetition: This is a challenge for personal growth (for all ages) to improve responsibilities for one’s own choices, according to one’s own abilities, for using the heart as a guide in helping to improve relationships and the social climate in your home, school, youth group, or community.  It could, however, be a friendly “coopetition” to work together as a school, for example, with classrooms working on projects together towards a greater good for everyone in the school. (Read more on our blog On Your Mark, Get Set, Get Compassion-Fit

Here are the steps to get started on your Compassion-Fit Challenge:

1. On your mark!

How do you start to make a difference in contributing to more kindness and compassion in the world? Where do you even begin to make a difference in helping to stop bullying and aggression in relationships?

You start with your heart. That’s your mark. That’s where you will always return to: making heart-centered responses to help stop bullying or aggression with compassion, understanding, and love.

With your thoughts, you create your world, so leave your mark and create the world from the inside out… leaving heartprints (“filling buckets”) with every thought, word, and action.

“Non-violence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being.” (~Gandhi)


Put your hands on your heart and say “On my mark…”


2. Get set!

Set your intention. Setting an intention means “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” Our intentions create our words, thoughts, and actions. We become what we feel and express!

Our intentions for the compassion-fit challenge include the practice of bringing mindfulness and compassion into daily living and to grow peace for the happiness and benefit of everyone.

A pledge is one way to help set an intention of positive action for positive change and growth. Pledge your commitment by signing “My Peace Promise” (or your own pledge). Then read it at least once a day. Read it together with your “Circle” – your family or class if you are doing the Compassion-Fit Challenge together.

Post it in a convenient place like on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, or by your bedside. Memorize the pledge and get set to put the words into action by practicing it.

peace promise, cropped

Close your eyes, one hand remaining on your heart, and one held up for an oath (peace sign is optional) and say “Get set…”

3. Get Compassion-fit!

Go! Compassion is caring and kindness in action so it’s time to practice what we already know we should be doing! Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention. You can help STOP bullying when you START practicing acts of caring, kindness, courage, mindfulness, and compassion in your thoughts, words, and actions. Practice it inside out:

  • for yourself (connecting deeply on the inside)
  • for others (connecting out, from your heart to the hearts of others)

Take the challenge for a daily workout of practicing at least one act of compassion each day.  Using your heart and wisdom, practice the skillful habits which help create a happier, kinder, safer world beginning with your world at home and school.

The Challenge focuses on practicing new ways of responding to what others say and do. We can’t always control what others say or do but we can control our response to it. Help make things better. Be a leader. Be a bucket-filler. Remember~ leave only heartprints!

“Mindfulness is about courageously turning our hearts inside-out so that we can actualize our deeply human ability to find solutions and stand in our universal goodness, no matter what the circumstances.” (~Marina Illich PhD)

compassion kid

Arms open and by your sides, take a deep breath and blow out thoughts of happiness and peace out into the world!

“On my mark, get set, I’m getting compassion-fit!”

Flip it!

flip it

Flip it, block it, delete it, shred it! Replace and reframe negatives with positives!

Our favorite tool is FLIP IT! #flipit

When you observe or experience negativity, bucket-dipping, or bullying then “flip it” (or “flip the dip”) on what was said or done by turning/flipping something negative to something positive and peaceful. Remember to make heart-centered responses to help stop bullying or aggression with compassion, understanding, and love.

The more you flip it, the easier it becomes! Continue practicing these skills every day and exercise the brain to develop your new habits. Like a seed, each will begin to blossom in time and become your new habits. You will discover your Champion within ~ a better and better version of YOU!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” (~Aristotle)



Choose a routine time to check-in about the different ways you practiced something kind, something courageous, something compassionate, and other compassion-fit habits of a Champion. Routines are part of the habit-forming process to create a neuronal shift. A check-in creates accountability and reflection for self-growth. Different ways to check-in:

  • Journaling
  • Drawing
  • Discussion and sharing time with your Circle (class or family) such as at the end of a class, at the end of the school say, dinner time, bedtime.
  • Sharing on Facebook or other social media

Contemplate your successes, as well as your challenges, of the day without judgment. Reflect or describe how you were able to practice compassion today, or reflect on or describe your challenges in responding to incidences that came up (ex: you observed bullying but didn’t know what to say or do). Then listen to the successes of others and feel the synergy of kind and compassionate acts!

Peak Performance Review

During your check-in you will be reflective and take responsibility for your own thoughts, words, and actions. Remember, this is NOT a competition. This is about becoming your best version of YOU and going for your personal best. Review the highlights of your day and consider how your actions measure up.

the measureReflect on these questions:

  • “How did my response measure up on a scale of 0-10?”
  • “How much did my words or actions fill a bucket or leave heart prints?”
  • “Did I use my peaceful heart in my response? Did I say it like a bucket filler?”
  • “Was I courageous by standing up even if I was scared?”
  • “Was I a leader?”
  • “Is it good for me? Is it good for you/others? Is it good for the planet?”
  • “How can I make it better next time? Is there room for improvement?”
  • “What do I need help with? What can I try next time?”
  • “What daily habits do I need to practice?”

Reflections and group discussions, or the support of a Coach, can provide support to help you practice becoming your personal best!


Raise the bar! Go for the Gold!

How many acts of compassion and kindness did you do today? For yourself? For others? Add up your scores at the end of the day! As a group you can pool your acts of compassion and kindness!

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

This is why it would be a good idea to do journaling or charting! Keep track of your acts of compassion and kindness –by writing it down you can visibly track the different ways you are improving your peak “performance” or responses. A Champion knows you don’t stay at the top of your “game” unless you practice what it takes every day!

After each success, celebrate! Recognize and be proud of how you chose to do something you might not previously have done. This is the beginning of breaking old patterns of behaviors or habits, and the beginning of creating new habits and new pathways in the brain. A shift is happening!

36After each success, “raise the bar” and go for a higher level of peak performance to increase the number of acts of kindness and compassion and positivity towards yourself and towards others! Go for the Gold!

Increase the synergy and become a Compassion-Fit family, classroom, school, workplace, or neighborhood ~ create a friendly co-opetition and raise the bar of compassion between your groups! If every person practiced one act of compassion a day beginning today, that’s 365 acts of compassion in one year! Multiply that times the number of people in your family, in your classroom, in your workplace, in your neighborhood. Try one act of compassion today. And another one tomorrow. You’re becoming Compassion-Fit!

“It all adds up you see, in big and small amounts

Come grow this chain with me, and make your actions count

It all adds up you see, to make your actions count

Bring peace for you and me.”

                                                                                       (Lyrics from the song “Peace for You and Me” by Dee DiGioia)

high 5 compassion fit challenge


Share and read all about it! 

Be sure to share the successes and ideas you had to help inspire others to make compassion a part of your daily workout plan to help inspire others to do the same! Post on the form below or share on FB with hashtags: #compassionfit and #flipit

You are not alone! Our “Circles of Compassion” program can support you in implementing a “Compassion-Fit Challenge” to learn and practice specific tools to help you be successful: workshops, classes, book and dvd, private coaching.  Contact Dee DiGioia for help in implementing a Compassion-Fit Challenge that fits your needs at home, school, in the workplace, or neighborhood. 

Share your Compassion-Fit successes and ideas with us!

Share your successes in practicing compassion today! Or share your compassion project ideas, stories, poems, quotes, etc! Send us your artwork, photos, and videos! This is a great way for children to share beyond the walls of their schools or youth groups. Let our voices be heard around the world. (For children- Use first name or initials only. Parent consent for photos required.)
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