My Peace Promise

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3′ x 1.6′ vinyl (10 oz) for your classroom or home

Purchase our 3′ x 1.6′ vinyl (10 oz) for your classroom or home

Make a peace pledge for your home, classroom, school, or youth group!

Making a school pledge to break the cycle of bullying can be a unifying commitment towards peace. A pledge is way of declaring and affirming a positive action for change for the benefit of everyone. Please remember-actions speak louder than words. A pledge will only be effective if we use it as a gentle reminder and learning tool whenever learning opportunities arise, and they will! For example, when a student puts down another we can ask, “Was that using your peaceful heart like it says in the Peace Promise?” “What are some different words you could have used?” When a student reports bullying we can reaffirm with “You must be so proud of yourself for remembering the Peace Promise when you stood up for her –thank you for reporting, I will help her.” Whether you choose to adopt “My Peace Promise” or already have an existing one, be sure the promise or pledge you make stays alive in your school or home through continuous reference to it when learning opportunities arise and to help remind children to live up to the promise!

Here is a link to a video that CCKids After- School Peace Project made:

Practice the Promise:

Use “My Peace Promise” for your school or home (or come up with your own version). Practice saying the words daily to learn it by heart, and then be sure to find ways to take action on it in your day to day experiences. At the dinner table, or daily share time at school, share how you were a Champion and lived up to the words. Now you’re getting #compassionfit!

Create your own banners, posters, or pictures about “My Peace Promise”. Here’s what we did at my former school:

(4 x 8 banners with children’s drawings scanned onto the banners according to the themes of each grade, K – 12,  which were then hung around the school hallways and cafeteria walls.)








For adults:

The NEA (National Education Association) pledge:


“I agree to be identified as a caring adult who pledges to help bullied students. I will listen carefully to all students who seek my help and act on their behalf to put an immediate stop to the bullying. I will work with other caring adults to create a safe learning environment for all the students in my school.” Click on link to sign the pledge and get your free poster!

I am fond of this pledge for educators and adults. Take the pledge online and receive a poster like the one pictured above. I had this one hanging on my door at school. Be sure to help your child identify who the many adults are they can go to for help. They may not always choose mom and dad as their first choice in certain situations. Help them to be safe by identifying many others they can go to that they may not think of on their own. Ask them to think about what adults at school do they feel good being around, in the neighborhood or friend circles, in the community such as a pastor, or counselors, coaches, etc. Remind children regularly that there are adults who care and want to help. If you want them to come to you, be sure you respond in a safe and comforting way. Adults responding with anger, blame, shame, over-reacting, disinterest, and so on will not be the ones children choose to go to. If they don’t come to you as a first choice, please understand that it may be because of embarrassment or shame. Parents or primary teachers are often not the go-to person! So help your child identify other safe people they can report to! Be grateful that they are able to find someone to ask help from. It is when they feel they have no one to turn to that there are grave concerns.

 “When will our consciences grow so tender that we will work to prevent human suffering rather than avenge it? ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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