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Caring and Courageous Kids offers a variety of services to support all ages!

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Drawing by a Caring and Courageous Kid

Dee DiGioia, founder of “Caring and Courageous Kids”, offers a variety of services to support anyone interested in learning how to bring more compassion, mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their lives, beginning with self, and extending to relationships at home, school, work, and in the community.

All services can be customized to meet your schedule, budget, or needs.  Fees are reasonable and negotiable.

These services can be offered in a variety of ways:

  • individually, small group, or school-wide/large group;
  • in person or online (emails, skype, etc);
  • one time or ongoing (weekly, monthly, consult);
  • classes, workshops, professional development, youth groups, conferences.

Click on the links below to learn more:

Questions? Ready to schedule? Contact Dee DiGioia (di JOY uh)

I have recently re-located to Pismo Beach, CA.

“Thank you so much for coming and speaking in my psychology class tonight. It was truly life changing. I have carried around the things that people that have chosen to bully have said to me for many years. You are absolutely right in that we internalize what they say and start to believe it. (One that haunts me frequently is a boy that said “You are not even worth the air you breath, you are a waste of skin and bones.”) I have tried to suppress the things they have said, but they still haunt me every now and again. Your speech tonight really made me forgive these people that did this to me in my life with the whole “They too are trying to find happiness… etc”. Really truly great and fascinating stuff, and a great way to approach and think about life. Keep doing what you are doing. I know it is making a difference, because I know it did for me.”~Grant Webber

Join our Caring and Courageous Kids Facebook page (it’s more than for kids) to receive daily inspiration and ideas; share YOUR successes with you Compassion-Fit Challenge to help inspire the world! Classrooms can also use this as a forum to share- create projects and let us know what you are doing!

Join my Mindful Kindful YOUniversity Facebook Group for daily RE-minders on bringing mindfulness and kindfulness to your own life as a person, as a parent, as an educator. All you have to do is #ApplyWithin

calendarSee Calendar for upcoming Caring and Courageous Kids events and classes! But don’t wait! Please contact me to schedule one at your location! 

Dee DiGioia speaking at Sunrise Rotary, Mammoth Lakes

Dee DiGioia speaking at Sunrise Rotary, Mammoth Lakes



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