For parents, educators, and organizations

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For parents, educators, and organizations

Give me knowledge so I may have kin

Dee DiGioia, founder of “Caring and Courageous Kids”, offers a variety of services to support anyone interested in learning how to bring more compassion, mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their lives, beginning with self, and extending to relationships at home, school, work, and in the community.

All services can be customized to meet your schedule, budget, or needs.  Fees are reasonable and negotiable.

1. Customized Workshop, Professional/Staff Development, or Conference Presentation

Choose from the following to accommodate your needs. We can talk about what you are specifically looking for

  • Variety of topics:
    • Bullying
      • From identification to prevention to responding effectively; in school or in the work environment; in general populations or as related to special needs.
      • CCKids resources complements any existing bullying prevention programs you already have in place, or can be a spark to get one started.
    • Cultivating Compassion 
      •  Learn about our commitment to getting Compassion-Fit by developing and practicing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills to help us achieve our personal best. Research shows that people who have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills are the ones who are happier and more successful in all areas of life because they will be better equipped to handle and overcome any challenges that come their way by responding to situations from a positive, calmer, more centered space. We commit to nonviolence in our communication and practices.
    • Mindfulness 
      • Why? How? Integrating class-wide, school-wide, district-wide education for youth prek-12
      • Why? How? Integrating in your own professional and personal life. I recommend my Professional Development presentation which was a big hit for over-stressed colleagues at my former school: “How to Break Up With Stress: Mindful Kindful YOUniversity ~ Apply Within” 
  • Length and frequency of presentation
    • 15-20 minutes
    • 1 – 2 hours
    • 1/2 day or all day
    • We can also do a series of on-going trainings: weekly, monthly, or quarterly series of topics.
    • Optional consult model following presentation.
  • Delivery
    • In person
    • Via phone, or skype

“Thank you so much, Dee, for taking the time to prepare a wonderful presentation for our staff.  I know each time we connect and provide important material, we grow both individually and severally, and your contribution to the effort of our personal and professional health and growth is a very important step in making progress! I appreciate your commitment and your passion, as well as your kindness.  It is clear that your mindful practices pour out on the rest of us often, and even for those who don’t know why or how, your presence helps them (and me!) feel better.  This is important work you are doing, and you are doing it very well. Congratulations, and thank you again. ~Karen S. Romito, Ed.D., Director of Special Education, St. HOPE

“Thank you so much for sharing such amazing information with us yesterday.  What really hit me was the idea of trying to keep children’s self esteem intact – both on the bullying and victim side.  Your message is important and I’m so glad you have found an avenue to share it.” ~ Cherie Miller (Bullyig conference participant)

2. Community Compassion Co-op

3. Movie screenings and follow-up workshops

  • for home,
  • for classroom,
  • for youth-groups,
  • for school-wide assembly
  • parent home “parties” – invite a group of parents to your home for a movie screening or workshop on bullying prevention and cultivating mindfulness and compassion

4. Mindfulness Coaching and Training for Parents and Educators

5. Private Coaching and Consulting


  • The purpose of my book and movie is to provide an inexpensive  resource to add to your repertoire when having the important discussion or lessons on the negative impacts of bullying and how to develop the life skills to deal with it effectively: Guidebook: “One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time”  which includes DVD “Which Team Will You Choose?” which is appropriate for elementary school-aged children.


Additional Services:

Join our Caring and Courageous Kids Facebook page (it’s more than for kids) to receive daily inspiration and ideas; share YOUR successes with you Compassion-Fit Challenge to help inspire the world! Classrooms can also use this as a forum to share- create projects and let us know what you are doing!

Join my Mindful Kindful YOUniversity Facebook Group for daily RE-minders on bringing mindfulness and kindfulness to your own life as a person, as a parent, as an educator. All you have to do is #ApplyWithin

See Calendar for upcoming Caring and Courageous Kids events and classes! But don’t wait! Please contact me to schedule one at your location!

Contact Dee DiGioia, Caring and Courageous Kids

Comments, questions, inquiries, and more!
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