For parents, educators, organizations for children with special needs challenges

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For parents, educators, organizations supporting children with special needs challenges


Dee DiGioia, founder of “Caring and Courageous Kids”, offers a variety of services to support anyone interested in learning how to bring more compassion, mindfulness, peace, and happiness into their lives, beginning with self, and extending to relationships at home, school, work, and in the community.

If you have children with special needs, or work with children with special needs, my services may be of interest you. As a speech-language therapist, supporting adults who have or work with special needs children is near and dear to my heart. Caring and Courageous Kids was inspired because of my work with special needs populations. 

All services can be customized to meet your schedule, budget, or needs.  Fees are reasonable and negotiable.

Services are the SAME as listed on the page: Services for Parents and Educators, however the difference will be with a focus as it pertains to the unique challenges for special needs populations, whether that means those with visible or invisible disabilities, or whether that means challenges because of sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other reason. 

I can also support you with IEP goal suggestions to keep your child safe or to ensure someone is working on social-emotional life-skills goals! 

“I am the RMC Foundation’s intern who spoke with you on Saturday after the anti-bullying lecture. Firstly, thank you for being such a supportive figure to those in need of assistance. I spoke to many audience members after the lecture, all of whom were touched by your compassionate words. I believe that witnessing your dedication toward bullying prevention provided a sense of hope to the children, parents, grandparents, and educators who experience this negative treatment on a regular basis. On a more personal level, I thank you for opening my eyes and inspiring me to make a difference.” Warm regards, Amanda Aldeghi, Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation, Autism Conference

Dee DiGioia, Breakout Speaker at Autism Conferences of America, Pasadena CA, August 2013

Dee DiGioia, Breakout Speaker at Autism Conferences of America, Pasadena CA, August 2013

Additional Services:

Join our Caring and Courageous Kids Facebook page (it’s more than for kids) to receive daily inspiration and ideas; share YOUR successes with you Compassion-Fit Challenge to help inspire the world! Classrooms can also use this as a forum to share- create projects and let us know what you are doing!

Join my Mindful Kindful YOUniversity Facebook Group for daily RE-minders on bringing mindfulness and kindfulness to your own life as a person, as a parent, as an educator. All you have to do is #ApplyWithin 

See Calendar for upcoming Caring and Courageous Kids events and classes! But don’t wait! Please contact me to schedule one at your location!

Contact Dee DiGioia, Caring and Courageous Kids

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