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Dee DiGioia, founder of Caring and Courageous Kids, in the press!

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RIVERSIDE: Public lecture to address bullying: “The Bullying Crisis: Standing Strong for Children” is the title of the 25th annual Dr. Richard N. Boylan Memorial Lecture. 

“Be Caring & Courageous” Posted on March 12, 2014 in Live Wire on Access Sacramento  Our guest on LiveWire this week is Dee DiGioia from Caring and Courageous Kids. Dee is a presenter, coach and anti-bullying advocate. She has an anti-bullying program for children that she shares at local schools and children’s events. She is reaching out to touch hearts and change people for the better. Dee will be on the program to tell us about her mission and how you can get help stopping a bully or learn how to not be one and  learn the strength of compassion. Tune in to LiveWire! on Access Sacramento channel 17 on Wednesday, March 12th at 5pm. You can also watch the simulcast online at and click ‘watch 17’ the same time it airs.

Article: We’d like to introduce you to someone interesting. Dee DiGioia. December 2013, Style Magazine p. 14

Google Hangout discussion: AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Ask the Neurobiologist with Dr. Alisa G. Woods: “WHAT IS STRESS DOING TO YOUR BRAIN?” Follow-up discussion panel which segues into tomorrow evening’s “CULTIVATING COMPASSION IN SCHOOL SETTINGS” with Dee DiGioia.  View on Youtube!

Article “Parents are Anchors: Be the Calm in the Wake of Bullying” by Dee DiGioia, 8/8/2013 Inner Peace Parenting online magazine, p42  Global Peace Ambassadors from Parenting 2.0 (such as myself) were  invited to submit a parenting article in this special edition of “Inner Peace Parenting.” We were asked to share one helpful tip on parenting. Here is a link to my article: Dee DiGioia article, Be the Calm in the Wake of Bullying Aug 2013

Putting an End to Bullying 5/25/2013 Zoom Newspaper (El Dorado Hills- Folsom, CA)  (Note from Dee: I do not agree the title because I would never purport that I could end bullying but I can help teach others how reduce some of the effects. Bullying is a complex problem and may never disappear, but we can certainly learn to respond in ways to help the problem get smaller instead of perpetuating the cycle. We can’t control things that happen and we can’t control things that others choose to say and do.  However, we can control the thoughts we have about it and we can control our response to it. That power is your choice! We learn to practice nonviolence one caring and courageous choice at a time, one day at a time, to help peace and happiness multiply. This is how we each, in our own way, move our homes, our classrooms, our communities in a direction of peace.)

Review of my presentation to Carmichael Kiwanis in their Newsletter 5/16/13  Read here:

Television interview “Sac & Co” (Sacramento television News10/KXTV)  Interview discussing my new book “One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time” – includes the educational DVD “Which Team Will You Choose?”  May 8, 2013  View  video of interview here:—May-8-2013?odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Cimg%7CFRONTPAGE%7Cp

Article “The Issue of Bullying” by Jan Ferris Heenan, Living Magazine, (El Dorado Hills, CA) Spring 2013, page 13. Interviewed to be included in the article. or PDF:

Exhausted Parent Network Radio Show (KMMT & KRHV-FM Podcast) Interview Dee DiGioia, Caring and Courageous Kids, among other guests on the topic of “Bullying”. This was my 4th time as a guest on Stacey’s show. February 28, 2013

Movie Premiere: “Sunrise Rotary Supports Dee DiGioia’s Fight Against Bullying with Which Team Will You Choose? October 26, 2012

Mammoth Times, “Bullying awareness movie a success”, Letters to the Editor (by Dee DiGioia), 10/5/2012

Mammoth Times, “Bullying awareness movie to be shown at Edison Theatre Saturday” (by Wendilyn Grasseschi)  9/28/2012 (Link unavailable), “Caring and Courageous Kids promotes anti-bullying” (by Barbaraa Mader) 8/20/2012

Advance for Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists , “Spreading the Word: Speech-language pathologists work to raise awareness about bullying in schools” (by Danielle Bullen), 7/23/2012

Mammoth Times, “Bullying is the most common form of violence in our society” (Letters to the Editor by Dee DiGioia),  4/6/2012 (Link unavailable)

The Sheet, “The Sheet Year in Review”, 12/31/2011

Mammoth Times, “Peace on Earth begins right here, Mammoth students say” (by Wendilyn Grasseschi) 12/16/2011

Mammoth Times, “Peaceful Times Ahead, The B word…Bullying, like an insidious disease” (by Dee DiGioia) 12/2/2011

The B word Article (page 1)            The B word Article (page 2)

The Sheet, “DiGioia to the world”, (by Andy Geisel), 10/29/2011

Mammoth Times, “Local helps students, adults learn to stop bullying” (by Wendilyn Grasseschi) , 10/29/2011

Special-ism, The Gift of Tolerance-Autism and Bullying (By Lori Ciccarelli) 3/1/2011

Mammoth Times, “Anti-bullying films to be shown at Mammoth Schools” Article by  Staff, 1/8/2011

Mammoth Times, “Be smart, use your heart Anti-bullying program teaches kindness, caring at elementary school” (Article by Diane Eagle) 8/27/2010  (Link unavailable)

Mammoth Times, “Standing up to bullying”, Letters to the Editor by Dee DiGioia for 10/30/2009  (Link unavailable)

“Rotary learns about two school programs”, (by Erick Sugimura) 10/23/2009  (Link unavailable)

“Proactive “no-bullying” program inaugurated at elementary school” (by Catherine Billey) 10/9/2009 (Link unavailable)

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