Teen Circles of Compassion

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Circles of Compassion offers programs for Teens

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Teens face many pressures and challenges in life with much of it learning how to navigate relationships with others in school, including relationships which become clouded with bullying and peer abuse. Despite the prevalence of bullying, there are many people who are good, compassionate, and nonviolent at heart. The focus of “Circles of Compassion” social-emotional learning and bullying prevention program is to inspire teen leaders to help cultivate and practice more compassion in their day to day experiences and practices with their peers to experience more happiness and peace in relationships and in life. In our workshops and classes, teens learn that you can’t stop bullying by responding with more bullying, aggression, and violence! You stop bullying and violence through a commitment to strengthening your own skills at being more compassionate in your day to day lives and being a positive influence on others. The Compassion-fit Challenge inspires teens to become the change and become a Champion of Compassion, Caring, Courage, and Character.  Look at what needs strengthening in you; look at what negative habits need to be phased out; determine ways to routinely practice these habits (at home, in the classroom, school-wide, or in the community), and you never give up. Keep raising the bar on compassion and develop the habits and life-skills to manage stress and cultivate positivity in thoughts, words, and actions – kindness and compassion towards self and others!

Our thoughts lie at the root of every word we speak and every action we perform. What is the quality of those thoughts? Our experiences and relationships are significantly affected by what is going on inside our minds. Research shows that people who have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills are the ones who are happier and more successful in all areas of life because they will be better equipped to handle any challenges that come their way. 

Our first in-school “Circles” program:“Cougar Compassion Club” at Sutter Middle School, Folsom, CA for 6th and 7th grade (2013-2014)

Cougar Compassion Club

Sutter Middle School, Folsom CA ~ 7th grade Circles of Compassion class

 Here are a few of the year end projects (scripts written, directed, performed by the students:


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The Story on Bullying

Jason and David

Two students from San Juan High School in Citrus Heights, CA have had enough of bullying and decided to make it their senior project to spread awareness and share their ideas to help it stop by making a video. Their teacher asked me to mentor them thru service hours. Although they are not going thru our Circles of Compassion training, CCkids supports their initiative to help make the world a better place!

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